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Why Warranty My Trimble Survey Equipment?

Vectors offers and encourages you to keep up on your MyTrimbleProtected Plans in order to protect you from loss-of-productivity due to equipment failure.  

These Plans cover:
  • Wear and tear includes damage from repetitive use resulting in equipment that does not function to specification
  • Environmental damage includes dust, heat, humidity, and salt air when used in accordance with intended equipment specifications
  • Surge protection includes damage due to a surge in Trimble manufactured power supplies
  • Total Station coverage includes one Inspect-Clean-Calibrate service per year for each year of coverage purchased.
  • Cosmetic damage that does not affect product functionality is not covered
There are a variety of different warranties available for you. You can buy warranties in one-year increments, or have Vectors prorate your warranties, so that all of your equipment can be up for renewal at the same time each year.

When you purchase a warranty through Vectors, we will provide you with a free loaner replacement to use while your equipment is in for repair! 

Plans including Hardware Benefits cover:
•   Protection against Hardware defects
•   No Deductibles, Ever!
•   Parts & Labor reimbursement
•   Transferable ownership (Warranty follows serial number)
•   Firmware Updates
•   Protection against  Wear and Tear and Environmental damage
•   Surge protection
•   Annual Inspect-Clean-Calibrate allowance for Total Stations
•   Receive benefits while equipment is still under Factory Warranty
Plans including Software & Firmware Benefits cover:
•   Bug fixes
•   Minor updates, enhancements
•   AccessSync Cloud-based File Transfer Service