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Trimble VX Spatial Station

Capture and combine scanning, imaging and surveying deliverables with the singular solution designed for surveyors.

Integrating the technologies of advanced optical surveying, metric imaging and 3D scanning, the Trimble® VX Spatial Station is the only surveying instrument that does it all and does it with ease.


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Key Features

  • Now available with Trimble VISION technology for video robotic control and scene documentation
  • Surveying, imaging and 3D scanning in one powerful solution
  • Increase your agility to adapt to any situation
  • Create enhanced 2D and 3D deliverables for rich information management
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Capture the Shape of the Real
World – Every Day

Expectations from surveying customers are evolving. To improve the efficiency of capturing advanced Spatial Imaging deliverables, Trimble provides an integrated solution for bringing these technologies together within the traditional workflows surveyors already use. So you have the flexibility to perform feature-rich scans every day, without the complexity of setting up a separate scanning system or switching to specialized field software.

With the Trimble VX Spatial Station, you can efficiently capture the information you need to create digital terrain models (DTMs), volume calculations, and perform topographic measurements faster than with traditional surveying methods.

Harness the Power of Trimble RealWorks Software

Advanced 3D models and image-rendered 3D surfaces are within your reach with the rich data delivered by Trimble Spatial Imaging sensors. With the ability to capture metric images with the Trimble VX in the field, you are also able to make additional measurements and attribute the data back in the office. It’s all accessible to surveyors with the Trimble VX and Trimble RealWorks® software. Your clients will immediately see the detail of your work via3D walkthroughs of the job site using your survey data, images, and scanned information all from the Trimble VX.

Video-Assisted Control

Trimble VISION gives you the power to see everything the instrument sees. Direct your work with live video images on the controller. Now you are free to capture measurements to prism or reflectorless surface with a point and click.

Combine GNSS and Optical Data

Take your productivity even further by adopting Trimble Integrated Surveying workflows – simply add your GNSS receiver to your robotic rod and powerful Trimble field software will seamlessly take care of the rest. This allows you to collect GNSS and optical data while simultaneously scanning a surface or site. With the built-in imaging and 3D scanning capabilities, you can capture the shape of objects of interest, such as a nearby building or power lines while you perform your traditional survey work.

With the long range capabilities of the Trimble DR Plus EDM, you measure further with fewer instrument set-ups and enhance your scanning performance.