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First Quarter 2017 Sales & News

First Quarter 2017 Sales & News

VECTORS is proud to announce our new partnerships with SCHONSTEDT and DUTCH HILL!



A little bit about Schonstedt:

Schonstedt is a U.S. company based in Kearneysville West Virginia; 100% employee owned  –  all products are designed, produced; serviced, supported and shipped from  their facility. Known for their precision, durability and excellent service; Schonstedt remains the trusted & preferred choice magnetic locator used by surveyors, contractors and by various utilities.

For more history about Schonstedt Instrument Company,

please click on this link: https://www.schonstedt.com/about/our-history/


Schonstedt Magnetic Locator

List: $917

SALE: $775

Offer expires 2/28/2017



A little bit about Dutch Hill:

The Dutch Hill Corporation is a small family owned and operated business located in Snohomish, Washington. Their company originated in the Pacific Northwest, providing quality and American made products as our standard. They were the first to offer a fiberglass constructed tripod and have been providing the world a quality product ever since.

Dutch Hill tripods are built for working under difficult conditions in the field. You need a tripod you can depend on; to carry with ease over long distances or steep terrain, one that will set up easily and provide a strong and stable working platform for your valuable instruments, and allow you to obtain accurate results as well as save time, effort and frustration.

Dutch Hill GT2000A.bmp

The original

Dutch Hill

fiberglass tripod

List: $356

SALE: $300

Offer expires 2/28/2017




VECTORS software partner, Datumate is pleased to introduce DatuSite, a designated offering for field construction and infrastructure projects. DatuSite is a construction and surveying 3D modeling software that uses aerial and ground images to generate geo-referenced 2D maps and 3D models.

DatuSite intuitive interface follows the actual work process and enables generation of highly accurate 3D models, calculations and reports. Significantly decreasing field and office hours needed to complete the project, DatuSite™ reduces operational costs, accelerates time-to-value and enables a safe and shortened work process.

DatuSite™ main features include:

  • Quick and automated process from image taking to maps, models and reports
  • Automatic stock pile volume calculation in less than an hour – no office or cloud processing required
  • Surface-based volume calculation
  • Direct work on Dense Point Cloud
  • Precise volume calculation by marking GCPs directly on images
  • Multiple outputs – orthophoto, projection on 2D planes, volume calculation, point cloud, 3D texture and mesh model
  • Export of models and maps using multiple density levels and file types
  • Ideal for stockpiles, 3D models, topographic surveys and reports
  • Vertical or oblique images support for optimal results in diverse job types
  • Automatic rough scaling and anchoring, based on GPS data


This special discounted DatuSite™ bundle is offered at $8,700 and includes:

This offer is valid only up until March 31st 2017


Trimble Business Center v3.81 Updates


TBC v3.81 is available and includes updates for:


– Feature Definition Manager

– Traverse Adjustment

– New Create COGO workflows

– NGS Download Protocol

– UTC Leap Second support

CLICK HERE to find out if you are eligible to update to 3.81


If you are eligible, CLICK HERE to update to 3.81